Falling in Love with Kevin Murphy


I was introduced to the Kevin Murphy brand earlier this year and although I have a reputation for purchasing products because of attractive packaging  I just didn't need hair products at that point (so unfortunate).


About three months ago I was discussing shampoo with the talented Naila and beautiful Riham and I asked what they would recommend and they immediately suggested the Kevin Murphy range, specifically the plumping Wash and Rinse and I was hesitant. Not from the brand but from the plumping, my hair behaves like Monica’s hair with humidity, not a good look on anyone.


She gave me a sample of the Plumping wash and rinse (aka shampoo and conditioner) and the Hydrate me (which I insisted was better). She knew better as always and here is why I decided to mix between them.

Plumping wash by Kevin Murphy

This shampoo gave me natural volume and at the same time controlled my hair. I have expressed my love for it on Instagram way too many times because it really did take my hair back to how it was when I was in school. Before my hair was damaged with everything I have tried on it. 

The scent is subtle and I love how my hair smells after a shower. I don't feel it lathers too much (which is a good thing in terms of its ingredients) and I don't need too much of it so it has lasted for quite some time.


Hydrate Me Rinse by Kevin Murphy

I follow the shampoo with the Hydration conditioner because my hair is dry and dehydrated and together they work beautifully. Again with the conditioner, it is a thick and creamy consistency and I don't seem to need too much of it per wash.

This combination transformed my hair and made it more manageable, allowed me to use much less heat on my hair and I could style it more easily.

The fact that their packaging is so beautiful is encouraging to have it on display in your bathroom. After dyeing my hair 6 weeks ago, I am exploring different products because I was sadly tempted to have highlights in my dark dark hair and dealing with the consequences now. I have added the Kevin Murphy mask to my routine until I settle on the next shampoo and conditioner combo to start treating my coloured and damaged hair. Its kind of worth it because I’m loving the colour of my hair and the refreshed look.


I have fallen in love with Kevin Murphy and annoyed it took me so long to actually try it. Let me know if you have tried it and what would you recommend for dyed and damaged hair.