Foundation - for the not best looking skin

Foundation is not an easy makeup product to purchase, there is so much to consider and it can easily look bad if the shade is incorrect or the undertone doesn't match or the formula doesn't match your skin type….and it goes on.

I don’t know if its just me, but sometimes it takes me a long time to figure out that a foundation isn't working for me. I think because we are so close to the mirror when we put our makeup on, it becomes hard to tell if its in line with our overall body colour…maybe its just me.

One of the foundations I loved for many years, started acting up on my skin, reacting in funny ways and looks so much darker on me than it did before. Although I love its formula, we just had to end that relationship.

The foundations that I rely on for my combination, dehydrated, oily and dry skin that has acne marks leftover and some pigmentation are:

For everyday

Makeup Forever liquid foundation.

I spoke about it here before and love both the liquid and stick version. the liquid blends seamlessly into my skin, the shade matches perfectly. And as my skin is improving I have been using way less foundation to get the coverage that I need.

Charlotte Tilbury

This foundation deserves its own blog post! It is incredible. It is magic. The shade (number 8) matches perfectly, the finish is hydrating and not oily, the coverage is incredible and its not heavy on the skin. 

I haven’t had any issues using it on the daily but for now I rotate between MUF and this one.

For Occasions 

Huda beauty

A beautiful foundation I must say! but if you are blessed with  good skin this will not be for you. it is HEAVY and it will cover everything…literally every.thing. 

I got so excited about how long lasting and flawless it looked, I used it four days in a row and i started breaking out.  Now I save it for days where I need to cheer myself up with flawless makeup or an occasion.

I’m not a fan of its scent, its flowery and sweet and strange for a foundation but with the way it performs I can definitely overlook the scent. Packaging is travel friendly, lightweight plastic and no risk of it breaking or being to heavy.

While were on the skin topic, I am in the research phase of medically treating my scars the best way I can. I know for a fact that they will never be gone 100% and thats ok because any improvement will mean less makeup and I am up for that any day.

I have noticed that sticking to a decent skincare routine - thats not necessary expensive either - has improved my skin a lot! But I know I'm not 100% or even 50% confident with my skin as of now but hoping to be soon.

Alway love hearing your thoughts and recommendations for beauty and non beauty products, so please leave them below, Instagram me or email me and lets talk