Looking right at 2018 - Strategies & More

Growing up, graduating university and starting to make real decisions as I started a business with my sister and kicked off my career offered me great exposure for my mindset and even greater opportunities.


The more people you meet and places you travel to, the more inspired you get, with so many ideas  that lead you to a point where an idea is so personal to you and it fuels your every moment, you just have to execute it.


Knowing that it has been 10 years since my serious decision making started fills me with so many emotions. It feels like many of those inspirations and ideas never materialised which saddens me. But when I look more into it, I can literally see the fear that I had which was the only obstacle. Fear that I created in mind, doubt in my ideas and myself. I know i still pushed through with the other half of my ideas and that was definitely fulfilling.


I still have some of that fear shadowing around me but whenever I face it, I ask myself ‘ whats the worst thing that could ever happen?” and my answer to that doesn't scare me any more, it motivates me and reminds me that I have handled much more challenging situations in the past and came out the other end a little bit stronger every. single. time.


Trying to set resolutions for 2018 but having them as part of my life strategy this time. Real life goals that will play a part in the long run and Im sharing them with you so just in case I loose track, you can remind me.



Get creative with blogging

I sort of started this with the new series I have on instagram with Sara and Riham, The lifestyle Edit. If you haven’t seen it, we take you shopping for beauty and fashion, as well as explore  different places together on our instastories. It has been something Ive been wanting to do for the longest time and finally found the courage to ask the girls if they were interested. 


Further Academics

I have been talking about doing my masters for over 5 years, and there was always a ‘valid’ reason why I postponed it. This is the year where I will put it as the valid reason to decline other projects.



This might sound like a cliche but I need to work out. No one knows your body like you do. And I have noticed great changes in the last couple years. Not positive changes because I just don't work out and eat whatever I feel like. I’ll probably still continue with the latter but I gotta work out.


Print pictures

I love taking photos, not just blogging pictures, but my family, my husband and my friends. I just realised they are all in a hard disk and not a single one has been printed. Thats about to change.


Business opportunities

Many opportunities come in our way and whether we feel they are too difficult or we are not good enough, we let them pass by. I am consciously studying my skills and my areas of expertise and making use of them to support those around me and to make a career out of it. because why not.


I don't believe resolutions are meant to be made at the new year but i know we are encouraged to do so because it feels like a new beginning. and there is  nothing wrong with that. i started thinking of them between our wedding anniversary and my birthday (November -  December) and realised that is when i wanted to write them down and start planning them. as long as you  are motivated and fearless, set your goals, support yourself and go for it.


To strategising 2018….with all of you