What 2016 looked like




I’m not looking at starting this year blogging with resolutions, it seems to put lots of pressure on me I and I tend to over critique myself and frankly don't end up anywhere.

Although 2016 turned out to be an amazing year, it certainly wasn't all positive and happy. however I wanted to drop in and share my favourite highlights of it.

So let me tell you how 2016 went down. In short, I met the love of my life, we got engaged and married (I know!) and had the most perfect honeymoon. 2016 gave me a chance to make friends with amazing people (such as @Mayoosh and the gang), I travelled with the beautiful @ibtihalz to Dubai for the Apparel UAE event, I moved into my own place, learnt how to “not make a disaster in the kitchen”, a perfect London trip with the bestest friend,  hosted tedX event in Muscat and I finished my course of Roaccutene! The list goes on and I feel very blessed about how life has unfolded itself and very excited about all the plans i have (running through my mind at the moment).

The photos around this page are a little recap of 2016, hope you enjoy them.

Thank you for sticking around through all the quietness on here, i really look forward to share all my discoveries and adventures with you on here!