BiODerma: Cleansing Water

After my skin went through a sensitive phase last year, I decided to move to the most neutral make up remover and skin care routine. Here, I was introduced to Bioderma Micellar Solution for sensitive skin. Although I don't categorise my skin as sensitive (its combination dry/oily), but since it worked so well for me I continued to repurchase the one for sensitive skin.

This product is a makeup removing and cleansing solution with ingredients that work miracles when removing all types of makeup. All you do is take a pump of it on a cotton pad and wipe your make up away. Make sure however to always cleanse your face with a face wash after removing your makeup to make sure all makeup traces and dirt are washed away.

When trying new products, I always pick up the smallest size available and upgrade to the bigger one if i decide to repurchase. Just to let you know, the 500ml (the bigger) bottle of Bioderma Makeup Removing Micelle Solution comes in with a built in pump that makes it so much easier and more pleasant using the product.

Bioderma Makeup Removing Micelle solution is available at Muscat Pharmacy outlets.

Whats your favourite makeup remover?