Late Resolutions

Setting new year resolutions at the end of each year sits very heavy on my mind and heart. It makes me remember the endless lists I have created in the past years that made me feel like I set myself for failure when I can't achieve them. It has taken me longer to really understand what I truly want to achieve this year but here it is:

Exploring the blogging world

Everydayh was created almost a year ago, and every time I came close to posting a review, I hesitated. The courage has finally pushed me to launch it and there's so much I am looking forward to discover.

Canon 500D

Exploring creativity through taking pictures has been a far reached dream because I wasn't sure I knew what it takes. I was lucky enough to get the Canon 500D from my sister and so far, it has been a positive journey - looking forward to learning what I manage to achieve with it.

Drink more water

Despite the many reasons why I should be drinking water - dehydration, Skin care....etc; I somehow manage to go through the day without a sip of water. Figuring out a routine of drinking enough is on top of my list.

Makeup Course

Although I'm not a big fan of heavy makeup and I'm quite happy with the products I use and know what suits me; I've decided to take up make up courses to perfect my everyday makeup .

The six weeks Trim

Struggling to grow my hair is partly because of my overdue hair trimming appointments. I’ll mark those dates in the calendar, stick to them and hopefully watch my hair grow.

Do you set New Year Resolutions?