Thicker Lashes with Eyeliner

I have always enjoyed the intensity I got to my eye makeup when I line my water line with black Kohl. Taking it to the next level, I started experimenting with tight lining; where you line the upper inside of the eyelid.

When you line the upper inner edge of your eyelid, it covers the skin between your eye lashes and gives the illusion of thicker eye lashes — a step I never miss before applying mascara.

As many of you know, pencil liners and watery eyes are a terrible combination. And that is why I started experimenting with gel liners and I'm so glad I gave it a shot. I wasn't sure which brush  would be the most comfortable for application and decided to go for Benefit's "They're Real!" push-up eyeliner. I love it for winged eyeliner and given that it is gel eyeliner, the lasting power of it is fantastic. 

I know it's a strange place to be lining, and I would recommend using the Bourjois Queen Attitude Khol Kajal to start with, it makes for very easy application, and once you're used to it move to the gel eyeliner for maximum effect.

 Bourjois Queen Attitude Khol Kajal is available at Center Point and retails for RO 4.720, Benefit's "They're Real!" push-up eyeliner is available at Sephora and retails for $24.